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Food Allergy Awareness Kit

Parents of children with food allergies need to know that you take the safety of their children seriously. Get up to speed on information that helps you create a welcoming partnership with parents, develop a plan for preventing and/or addressing allergic reactions, understand what rights and accommodations are entitled to children with food allergies, and more.

Resources for Schools and Care Centers

School administrators, nurses, and staff can better understand ways to train personnel, establish policies, and teach students about food allergies to build a more welcoming environment.

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School Health Care Plans

Learn more about IHCPs, ECPs, and 504 plans that address how your school can accommodate a child’s food allergies and address parents’ concerns.

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School Forms for Food Allergies

Know what forms to provide parents of students with food allergies and what to include in an action plan.

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Food Allergens in School Activities

Popular arts and crafts and classroom activities can sometimes include food allergens. Be more aware of and better prepared for potential allergens with this handy guide.

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Epinephrine Injectors 

Typically the go-to treatment to stop severe allergic reactions, epinephrine is often stocked in schools as part of their emergency medical kits. Everything you need to know about epinephrine is here.

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